Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas As UN-usual

Although we were originally planning to spend Christmas with my family this year, we enjoyed a laid-back Christmas Day just the four of us. It was a great Christmas, and definitely one we'll never forget. We slept in later than usual (not sure how we managed that with a newborn, but it was fabulous!), took our time opening gifts, opened gifts with my parents on the webcam, and Will helped Dave shovel the driveway. When they came inside I made Will his first cup of hot chocolate and let him put the marshmellows in the mug...he loved it.

We've had record amounts of snow already this year. I would guess we have a good 30+ inches on the ground right now, and word has it we're supposed to get up to 2 more feet within the next couple of weeks - yikes! Suffice it to say it was a white Christmas indeed...I can't remember the last time it actually snowed on Christmas Day, so that was really fun.

Many people had to cancel their holiday plans even around town due to the weather, so we weren't the only ones having to make alternative was actually kinda fun being snowed-in. We topped off the day with a gourmet pancake dinner and drove around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights:) I got spoiled having Dave around during the days...pretty sure we could get used to that around here!

Below is a shmorgishboard of the happenings that went on in the Perkins household for our little Christmas of 2009 :)

Will hard at work on his laptop

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

Hospital Photos

Here are a few pics of our time in the hospital. Every time I look at them I am so thankful we still have Will with us!

This is the CD that i referred to in my previous post...I highly recommend it.