Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So much for the free 8x10...they certainly know how to get you with these promotions. I guess the important thing is that we got some good professional photos out of the deal - and a free sitting fee. We wound up purchasing a photo package which allowed us to choose 6 photos in their digital format so we can do with them as we wish, but we had to forgo the free 8x10 in order to get the "special price."

I still can't get over how much Will was goofing off for the photographer...oh if he would only cooperate with me behind the lens!!

I'm happy with how they turned out, though. My mom bought him the cute outfit while she was in town, and my mother-in-law took Will to get his hair cut a few days prior to the shoot, so it wouldn't look like he was sporting a mullet. Thanks to both of my wonderful moms :)

Will loved this chair...it's practically a replica of the one we have in our family room that we refer to as "Daddy's chair." Will loves sitting in it at home with Dave, so as evidence by the expression on his face, he was pretty excited to sit in one his size.

this expression cracks me up...looks like he's about to get into some mischief.

And here's the innocent, "I didn't do it" look.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

One Final Road Trip

Last weekend our little family of 3 drove five hours south to Wichita, Kansas to visit Dave's sister, Kristin. We've been wanting to make another trip down there for a while, and figured we should do it sooner, rather than later, as the next few months could be a tad more challenging with two kiddos. We did a ton of traveling with Will when he was an infant, but I have a feeling it won't be as easy with two li'l ones. The last time we made the trek was back in February, so we were well-overdue.

We always have so much fun while we're there, and just spend a lot of time relaxing - this trip was no exception. We arrived around 10p on Friday evening, and all slept in on Saturday, which was fabulous. I don't know about everyone else, but it seems that when we're out of town, we actually allow ourselves to sleep in a bit on the weekends. I guess it's because when you're at home there's always things to be done, but when you're not, getting those things done isn't even an option, so might as well relax, right?! Even Will slept in until 9, which is pretty much unheard of! Seems he always sleeps more on the road too...wonder why that is?

Meteorologists had predicted a chance of flurries in Omaha for the weekend, but not once did I hear any probability for accumulation. When we woke up on Saturday morning, we got a call from my mother-in-law telling us that Omaha had already gotten 4-5" of snow, and that it was still coming down! We couldn't get over that - I can't remember ever having snow before Halloween - not to mention snow that actually accumulated! I was hoping Will would be able to see it when we got home on Sunday, but by the time we made it back, the snow had already melted. Since we had such a mild summer, I'm bracing myself for a long, cold winter so I better watch what I ask for...not real thrilled about the cold weather right now.

Rather than going out for breakfast like we typically do in Wichita, we opted for a lazy morning at Kristin's apartment - we made pancakes and bacon - mmmm! After that we ran around town a bit, and then Dave offered to stay back at the apartment while Will napped so Kris and I could go shopping - yay :) We continued our trend of being lazy, and ordered pizza for dinner, built a fire in her fireplace, and watched multiple episodes of The Office...it was a great Saturday ;-) Thanks for such a fun weekend, Kris!!!

Aunt Kristin is the coolest!!

Can you hear Will saying, "CHEESE!"?

Kristin purchased some fun toys to keep at her place for when our boys come to visit...Will LOVED this tool bench!

And uh, no, I promise we don't have him dressed in leggings...they are his pj bottoms ;-)

Before we headed home on Sunday, we met up with our friends Demarick & Beth for lunch. They moved from Omaha to Orlando, FL a little over a year ago, but had been staying in Kansas with Demarick's family, so they drove out to Wichita to meet us. It was great to see them and their 2 little girls.

A lot of people were discouraging me from taking the trip, as they thought it was a tad risky being so close to my due date, but I'm glad we were able to work it in - and even more glad that I didn't go into labor while there! I'm almost into my 38th week, and had my weekly appointment this morning...found out that the baby has turned himself into a posterior position. My midwife thinks this is why I haven't made much progress (I'm only 1.5 cm dilated). I'm praying that I can get him to turn, because I would prefer not to experience back labor OR a c-section. Any prayers prayed on my behalf would be greatly appreciated :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Am I Wearing?

It's not every day I dress Will in threads like these, but I thought he looked pretty darn cute ;-) While my mom was in town a couple weeks ago, we purchased some clothes from Janie & Jack, and they were running a promotion...spend "X" amount and receive a free sitting and 8x10 portrait with a local professional photographer. I hate to admit that this was the first professional shot we had done for Will.

I like to make excuses and say that the reason we haven't is because I like to dabble in a little creative photography myself; however, it hasn't been entirely successful because Will simply refuses to so much as look my direction when I try to snap a photo. I was thrilled (yet somewhat irritated at the same time) to see Will hamming it up for the photographer yesterday. He was really putting on a show for her. Apparently she's more interesting than I am. We'll be able to view the proofs in a little over a week and hopefully I'll have some good ones to post.

The photoshoot took place at the Janie & Jack store at an outdoor mall, and the landscape was looking so festive - pumpkin displays everywhere. We've had a busy fall so far, and since we'll be out of town again this weekend and Graham is due in the next few weeks, I'm not sure we'll make it to the pumpkin patch this year (sorry little buddy). I had my camera in-tow, so I tried yet again to get some decent photos, but as you probably guessed, he proved to be stubborn and wouldn't look my direction. Ah well...better luck next year, kid.