Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not HTML Savy!

Can someone be so kind as to explain to me how to get my text to line up with the photos on this thing?? When I preview it on my screen, it's all lined up, but when I post it, it gets all messed up. Do I need to do something in the HTML? If so, please explain in layman's terms...I'm clueless!


Monday, July 5, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

In my opinion, there are no two things better for the soul: 1.) laughter, and 2.) the ocean. Thanks to my hubby and his mom, I was able to enjoy lots of both with my girlfriends, Christy & Nicole.

ready to jet set with coffee in-hand

goofin' off in (dare I admit it...Claire's)

The idea started a couple months ago when the 3 of us got together and decided we all could use a little R&R...preferably on the beach. Although I always wish I lived closer to my family, I gotta say there is some good that comes from the miles between us. It certainly doesn't hurt that they live within walking distance to the beach! We were excited they took us up on company :)

Seaside, FL (this is the quaint little town where The Truman Show was filmed)

My mom & me :)

My parents were wonderful hosts as always, and didn't even give me a guilt trip for not bringing the boys, as they appreciate the fact that every mom needs a little break (you guys are the best!). Our little vaca spanned the last Thursday in June through the following Tuesday, and I can honestly say that there was never more than a minute of silence between us girls...my poor Dad can attest to that - he probably wondered if we ever came up for air! Nicole practically lost her voice, we talked so much - ha!

We thought it appropriate to tote in Bad @ss coffee to church :-p And yes, that's really the name. It lives up to it, too... it's dang good coffee!

This one came out pretty dark, but it's us with my parents and older bro

probably one of my favorite views in Destin

We enjoyed relaxing mornings at my parents' house, drinking coffee and hanging out with them until we were ready to throw on our suits and head to the beach. We had phenomenal weather, with the exception of our last day when it rained for a little while, yet we still couldn't bring ourselves to not go to the beach! The oil was non-existant for most of the time, but it did make its appearance the last day, which was really sad to see.

In addition to lots of beach time, we also ate a lot of seafood (and in my case, sweet tea), took in all the sights of the south, and of course squeezed in some time for shopping. My good friend Christi (yes, a different Christi), whom I met while living in Destin during my college years, moved to Atlanta a few years ago, and we hadn't seen each other since; but she was traveling to Destin the same weekend we were there, so she met us at the beach one day. I was thrilled that the timing worked out so perfectly, and it was wonderful to reconnect in person after too many years!

Christi & me

Best donuts EVER

Stormy, but beautiful day