Thursday, August 11, 2011

Updates and Ramblings of the Perkins Household

Many have asked us how the adjustment has been adding a 3rd child to the family. In all honesty, it hasn't been as painful as we had anticipated; however, several factors have played into this. First of all, Macy's temperament has been FAR easier than either Will or Graham's, so that alone has been a huge answer to prayer. Secondly, we've had a lot of things going on since Macy was born, so that has helped the time go quickly, and lastly, I've had help during my days. I've had a few days here and there to get a taste of what the days will be like juggling it all on my own, and they went smoother than I thought they would, but I must say that I've rather enjoyed having an extra pair of hands around...if not two, or even three! I know...I'm spoiled, and I've appreciated every single moment!

My good friend Nicole also coordinated a list of friends to bring us meals, and that has been so incredibly helpful! She did this for each one of our kiddos, and we joke and say that we'll keep having kids as long as people keep bringing us meals (Did you hear me clearly? I said it was a joke...not for real here, people).

When Macy was only 2 weeks old, we ventured up north on our annual trip to spend a week with Dave's family in Park Rapids, Minnesota. Despite being the hottest and most humid week we have ever spent there (to help put it in context, Dave's family has been going there for 26 consecutive years!), we had a wonderful time. There were times I was tempted to check into a hotel, because we were staying in a cabin without A/C. So imagine trying to sleep, (not to mention getting little ones to sleep in temps in the upper 90's (heat indexes ranging between 105-112 every day) PLUS an average of 97% humidity! Might I also add that breast-feeding a newborn every 2-3 hours wasn't exactly my favorite thing to do in that heat either; however, I wanted to feed her as much as possible given the temps. Thankfully she and the boys did fine, but I did have some concerns about the possibility of dehydration for Macy especially. We just watched the diapers and how often the kiddos were going to the bathroom to make sure they were getting enough fluids. If I would have seen any indicators of them being dehydrated, I would've most definitely checked us into a hotel.

BUT...other than that, we all had an awesome time, and cannot wait to go back next year! Will and Graham rode on the tube for the first time, and they absolutely loved it. Will participated in the kids' fishing contest, and his 9" rock bass won him first place honors :)

Although it's almost a 9 hour drive, it turned into more like 12 given how often we had to stop to feed Macy. And even though it was long, it made the trip more enjoyable, because Graham especially needs activity. The boys had a lot of fun stopping at rest areas and other places along the way to get out and run and play with their trucks and whatnot :)

Playing on one of our many stops

This picture says it all! The kids were troopers!

Eagle Bay Lodge - lots of great memories here, and Lord-willing, many more to come

One tough dude

Our li'l fisherman

Grammy & Macy...I love this

Grandpa & Graham being silly

Daddy reading to the boys

The day after we returned from Minnesota, my parents came and stayed with us for a week. We spent a lot of time around the house, but even so, we were able to enjoy being outside for a good portion of our days since the weather cooperated. Unfortunately our house has only 3 bedrooms, so since our space is running low, my parents stayed in a nearby hotel (we promise we'll finish the basement soon, Mom & Dad!!). Thankfully the hotel is only minutes from our house, so it was really convenient, and I think the boys thought it was fun to visit Gigi & Papaw in their room. We joined my parents for the continental breakfast one morning, and Will and Graham thought that was pretty cool. They made their own waffles and loaded up on fruit and yogurt...I think they liked the idea that they could keep going back for anything they wanted. We also took them swimming in the hotel pool, and they LOVED it - what a fun memory!

My parents spoiled Will with an early birthday present, which you'll clearly be able to tell what it was by the expression on his face in the pictures. My dad saw this "toy," and said, "We HAVE to get that for Will!" It's so cute watching Will and Graham ride in their Mustang GT together jammin' out to classic rock on the car stereo! I think you picked a winner, Papaw ;-)

My parents' first time meeting Macy

I think we only took about 20 pics to get this one...not too bad - ha!

Gigi & Macy had lots of snuggle time

Fun with Papaw

Goofy boys :)

Thank you, Gigi & Papaw!!

Can you tell he's excited?!

We had to give the student driver plenty of space ;-)

My Dad & Macy

Macy's biggest smiles were for my was adorable :)

My mom & Macy - so sweet :)

Macy is growing TOO fast! She's already grown out of most of her newborn clothes, which makes me so sad, because we're thinking that unless the Lord has other plans, she'll probably be our last baby. Kinda gets me all sentimental thinking that my last baby is already grown out of those adorable little NB outfits. sniff, sniff :(

I love this precious face

Will holding his little sister for the first time

Graham having a hard time waking up from his nap...can't blame him when I've got a camera shoved in his face :-/

Will & Graham's favorite past, cars, and more cars!