Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas Light Caravan

Our friends Jonathan & Desirae from church had the fabulous idea of going to look at Christmas lights together. A few days prior to Christmas, Dave, Will and I crammed into a car with them and their two boys - yes, carseats included! We made hot cocoa for the kiddos and coffee for the grown-ups :) We also brought a bag full of junk food to enjoy along the way.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but Jonathan snapped a couple of the boys with theirs. Samuel & Joseph are twins and just turned 4 in fact, their birthday was the day we looked at lights together. They were all fired up because they were able to watch Star Wars for the first time earlier in the day. I asked them what their favorite part was, and they just went on, and on and on...amazing how a movie that's been around as long as it has, still has the same impact today.

Will loves hanging out with Samuel &'s so cute to watch him follow them around their house. I think he feels like a big boy when he's with them :)

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Okay, so as my previous blog title stated, I'm in "catch-up" mode. I'm way behind on updating this blog, so please bear with me as I try to sum up the happenings with us in the Perkins household. I didn't even so much post a re-cap of our Christmas, so here goes. It was great...very relaxing to say the least, as we didn't do any traveling. Of course I missed not being with my side of the family, although I was able to see some of them in Chicago back in mid-December.

It was nice to stay put in Omaha and have others come our direction :) All of Dave's family was here in Omaha over the course of about a week. Thanks to Dave's mom, we had lots and lots of good eats and time to hang out with the fam. When Dave's sister Kristin comes into town, we often spend a few nights out at his parent's house so we can spend more time together. This works out especially well because that way we can all hang out even after Will goes to bed.

Being that Will is the only grandchild so far, he gets quite spoiled with attention AND gifts, to say the least. I've attached a few photos of our Christmas at Dave's parent's house:

"I don't think there are enough presents under the tree."

Watching "I Love Lucy" with Aunt Kristin

Will loves his Daddy.

The next couple photos were taken a few days later, back at our house. Will was having so much fun playing with all of his new toys. I think he caught on pretty quickly this year...Christmas is fun :) I'm sure by next year he'll have even more appreciation for it!

Will's first "John Deere"

Monday, January 12, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

My sincerest apologies, dear blogger friends, for being so out-of-the-loop over the past month. Seems as though our life has been on fast forward for several weeks; however, we're now currently on least in one area. As some of you know, we've been on the house hunt for over a year now. We love our current home, but it's not the most "user-friendly" for a growing family...don't read into that too closely - we don't have any news to report ;-)

One thing I've realized I would appreciate more and more is a garage I can actually use. Our current home is a 1950's ranch, and only has a 1-car garage. Unfortunately the vehicle I drive does not fit in the garage, so I have to load Will up outside. This typically wouldn't be a big deal, but we have had an exceptionally bitter cold winter this year, and although it's a luxury, it's one I admit I'd like to have :)

We found a home a few weeks ago we were particularly excited about and felt at peace to make an offer. We got together with our Realtors (also good friends of ours) this past Friday to write up the offer, and ironically enough, we discovered while sorting through old paperwork that our official search started exactly one year ago to date!

We really enjoy the layout and convenience of ranch homes, and the one we made an offer on was also a ranch, but was in need of some major remodeling. With that in mind, we low-balled the offer, figuring it'd get countered, and we'd be in the negotiating process for a while. Turns out they did not accept our final offer. We were a little disappointed, but completely at peace. In some ways, I felt a bit of a relief, just knowing how much work would be in the days/weeks/months ahead. Thankfully we're not in a rush to move...we love our house and are just waiting on the Lord's best in HIS timing.

In all honesty, I will be really sad to move when the time does come. I realize that it would probably happen sooner rather than later, so why delay the inevitable? But this is Dave and my first home together, and of course we have the memories of Will being born (well, not technically, but you know what I mean) in this house. We also love the neighborhood - we have the best neighbors! Many of them have lived here for a long time. In fact, the family that lived in our house previously didn't want to leave this street, but did need more space, so they literally moved about 5 houses down from us.

For sentimental reasons, below are some photos of our current home...I love seeing photos of other people's homes so I can picture where they live. Perhaps some of you would want to post some of your home as well?