Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louis

Literally. Macy and I had a girls getaway last weekend. Dave offered to hold down the fort at home, so she and I could meet up with my family for the weekend. And as an added bonus, we stayed with our good friends, Josh & Nikki.

If you're wondering what brought us all to this meeting point, well, my grandfather fought in WWII, and he and my Nana have made countless trips throughout the years, all over the globe, to attend his Air Force reunions. They made the trek from Chicago, which was originally planned to be in Omaha. At first I was disappointed, thinking how nice it would've been to have them here, but I'm happy it worked out this way, so I could have the opportunity to spend some time with Josh and Nikki, too!

Josh & Nikki with their adorable fun to see your family in action!

I miss all my Taylor girls!!!

We fit a lot in in a short amount of time, and I'm so happy it worked out for us to go. My parents drove up from Destin, along with my Aunt Cathy from Georgia, Uncle Dan from Chicago, and Uncle Bill from Michigan. My parents were thrilled to see Macy again, and it was Nana & Pop's first time meeting her, as well as my aunt and uncles. We had a lot of glad they all got to meet her! To top it off, Pop's birthday was last Friday...the very day they met Macy for the first time. What a special memory!

It made me so proud to be part of one of these reunions. I've heard them talk about them over the years, but I loved being able to experience it first-hand, and meet some of the other brave souls who fought for our country. I have a great deal of respect for our service men and women, and don't take lightly the sacrifices they and their families make for our freedom.

Nana & Pop's first time meeting their great grand daughter :)

Papaw & Gigi

The whole crew, minus my Uncle Jim...he would've loved to have been there. We miss him dearly, as we lost him to cancer a few years ago. Family get-togethers never feel the same without him.

We kept Macy up way passed her bedtime both nights, but she was such a trooper! She was beyond tired, but hung in there like a champ.

Don't my parents look great? If I age half as well as you guys do, I'll be thrilled!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Engagement Session

Even though I'm getting older myself, it's still hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that my little brother (who's 7 years younger than me) is old enough to get married. And not only is he old enough, but by the time I was his age, I had been married for two years already! I didn't feel all that young at the time, but looking back, 22 does seem young!

Scott and his fiance, Cassandra are in the midst of a quick engagement, and are tying the knot on December 10th...less than two months away! Cassie fits in well with our family...we like her a lot, and are looking forward to adding her to ours :)

They came to visit us a couple weeks ago, and while here, I had the privilege of taking some engagement pictures for them. We probably shot these in an hour or less, but I could've kept going...we were having so much fun. Unfortunately the sun decided to set that night ;-)

Thanks for making it so much fun, you two!