Friday, May 27, 2011

Returning From Our 3 Month Hiatus

Maybe it's due to the fact that my pregnancy brain is in full-swing, or perhaps it's because I'm entrenched in the whole nesting phase, but keeping up with our blog has not been #1 on my to-do list over the course of the last few months! The more time that goes on that I don't post, the less motivation I have to do it. It's probably partially because I feel overwhelmed at how much I have to catch up on, but quite frankly, when that much time passes, I just end up spacing it off because it hasn't been on my radar screen for so long. In any case, I will attempt to keep my words and photos brief, and do my best to re-cap the last 3 months as best as possible.

Playing in the backyard

Evidence that friends are always welcome :) This was the greeting they received during a recent playdate I hosted.

Will measuring the fish tank at a local coffee shop

Graham sucking down a milkshake. People ask us all the time if we style his hair this way, and the answer is, is au natural!

My due date is July 3rd, but both Will & Graham came about a week early, so if this little one stays on trend, I really only have a little over 3 weeks left. Did I mention I'm nesting?! Dave and I were talking about how comical it is that these feelings of wanting to deep clean every square inch of your house and try to get everything as organized as possible as the due date approaches, is so instinctual! Much of my spare time is spent doing such things, but yet I have a lot of additional items on my to-do list before our little girl makes her entrance.

I took this shot at 33 weeks

Some friends and I are organizing a multi-family garage sale next weekend, so that's requiring some time; I am also on the committee for our church women's retreat this fall, and one of my responsibilities is to design all of our printed pieces (invitations, etc), so I'm trying to get all of that accomplished in the next few weeks, knowing that it will be much more challenging after our baby arrives. Tomorrow I'm taking family photos for some friends of ours, so I'll need to edit and hand those off, as well. I love staying busy with projects, but whew...these next few weeks are going to fly!

Since my last blog, we've done a decent amount of traveling. Following my weekend in Chicago in March, my mom (a.k.a., Gigi) stayed with us for a little over a week, and we had a great time hanging out with her, and making lots of good memories :)

Will & Gigi

Graham spotting Dave driving home from work

He climbed into Dave's lap, and felt pretty cool sitting in the pilot's chair :)

Beginning of April, Dave and me and the boys ventured down South to spend a week with my family in Destin, and had such a great time. Will had been to the beach several times during past visits, but this was by far his favorite experience on the water...he could not get enough! My dad purchased a metal detector and treasure box for them to do a treasure hunt on the much fun! My older brother, Buzz is a fireman, and he took Will to the fire station and let him ride in the truck and learn all about the different equipment firemen use...definitely a highlight. It was during this trip that we realized that Graham would literally live outside if we let him. As soon as he woke up, he would run to the door, grab his shoes, and beg us to let him go out to play. Even if we were outside all day and all night, he would throw a fit when we'd have to go in! My parents are always so gracious to stay with the boys at night after bedtime, so Dave and I can enjoy lots of date nights together...we thoroughly enjoyed our time!

Graham sportin' the coonskin cap and playing with a pop gun with Papaw at Bass Pro Shops

Will greeting Uncle Buzz with a big hug

Goofing off with Uncle Scott

About a week and a half after that trip, I jet-setted back down to Destin with 2 girlfriends. The three of us vacationed in Destin together last summer and had so much fun that we wanted to do it again...Lord-willing it will be an annual event ;-) We got in a lot of beach time, shopping, eating great food, and laughing until our abs hurt.

Nicole & Christy

Me and my parents

Told you we ate a lot!

Nothin' better than Donut Hole donuts and coffee on the beach :)

 this place.

30 weeks preggers

Talk about feeling spoiled, but another week following that trip, Dave and I were able to sneak away together, just the two of us. We made the trek to San Diego 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Graham, and we loved it so much that we wanted a repeat. Thanks to Dave's mom, we were able to make it happen. We even stayed at the same hotel as last time. I absolutely love San Diego! We took a day to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to Anaheim and met some Taylor friends at an Angels was so much fun!

La Jolla

Angels vs. Indians game with Josh & Erin

The Andaz Hotel

Rooftop deck

Since then, I've been trying to soak up the time with "just my boys." Hard to believe that we'll be adding a little girl to the equation in a few short weeks (candidly, I'm kinda apprehensive about that, but I know the Lord will give grace)! Will and Graham are now sharing a room, and they have done tremendously well with the transition - in fact, they seem to love being together. It's so cute to listen to their little chatter through the monitor after we put them to bed. Graham pretty much just grunts and groans at this point, but it's still cute listening in on their "conversations" :)

We spent Memorial Day with Dave's family at their cabin, but received word of some very sobering news a few days ago. I'm sure many of you have heard about all of the flooding going on in the midwest around the Missouri River, and as luck would have it, the lake that the cabin is on butts right up to the river. While there on Monday, it was by far at the highest level we had ever seen it. Dave's parents received a call from the Army Corps of Engineers that if their predictions materialize, then it's highly possible that all the homes surrounding their lake will be flooded within the next 10 days - as in, the water would be over the rooftops. They have spent the last few days packing things up and had movers come yesterday to move everything out. We are grateful for advanced warning, but please pray for a miracle, and that this would not materialize! I can't imagine losing everything, and having to start from scratch. We are so grateful that it is not their permanent residence, but for many on the lake, it is. Praying these photos are not our last memories there...hard to believe that all of this could be under water in a few short days :(

Grammy reading to the boys on the porch

Will helping Daddy and Grandpa attach the boat to the trailer hitch