Thursday, March 18, 2010


No matter how much time we spend in Destin with my family, it's never enough,and it always goes way too fast. We were there from March 6th through the 21st (the longest stretch we've spent at their house yet!), but it still flew by! Considering the miles between us are over 1,100, it's not surprising that we don't get to see one another nearly as often as we'd like.

We encountered some "hiccups" on our journey down there. Our first flight was delayed due to mechanical problems, and apparently Delta doesn't schedule mechanics on the weekend, so since we were flying on a Saturday, we had to wait for the mechanic to drive from his house to the airport. It took him over an hour and a half to get there, and with Omaha not being a very big city, I speculated that he stopped at Burger King on his way ;-)

We finally made it to Memphis with 5 minutes to spare before our connection took off. Needless to say we missed that flight, so we had to kill 6 hours in the airport before we could catch the next flight out. We didn't get to my parents' house until almost 11 that was a long day, but the boys did exceptionally well (whew!). Thankfully our trip home was less eventful.

We had such a great time hanging out with my family. My older brother also lives in the area,
but my younger brother took a job in Michigan a couple months ago, so he unfortunately couldn't be with us. My Aunt Cathy & Uncle Ken drove down from Atlanta to spend time with us, too, for one of the weekends, so that was great to see them!

The weather has been unseasonably cooler than normal, but even so, it was gorgeous compared to the weather we left in Omaha! We enjoyed playing with the boys OUTSIDE!! I kept telling Will before we left that it'd be warmer at Gigi & Papaw's house and that we'd be able to play at the park and the beach...he kinda looked at me confused as if he was thinking, "yeah right, Mom...I'll believe it when I see it." Well, the first time he saw the white sand, he said, "SNOW!"

My parents were so kind to stay at the house in the evenings after we put the boys down so we could have plenty of date nights. And you better believe we took them up on it almost every single night! We traded our jackets for t-shirts, boots for flip-flops, and swapped running on the treadmill to running outside with the sun beating down. It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for the soul, ain't it?! And we gladly welcomed the change of longer were we looking out the windows at snow and gray days, but rather sunshine, ocean views, green grass, palm trees and flowers...I could get used to that very quickly!!!

Thanks to having a very curious2 1/2 year-old, we saw a lot of wildlife. We made the comment yesterday how different vacations have become since having kids. Rather than spending our time on the beach and doing other adult-friendly activities, we made several trips to Bass Pro Shop to see "big fishies" in the large fish tank, took walks to the park practically on a daily basis, blew bubbles outside countless times, saw live alligators, and went to the Gulfarium to see the dolphin and sea lion shows.

As always, our time went too fast, but chances are we'll have another opportunity to see Gigi & Papaw before too long. So on that note, thanks for all the fun, Gigi & Papaw...we love you!!

my little luv bug

We're quite smitten with this little guy, too

Our sad attempt at a beach was really windy, Graham was tired, and all Will wanted to do was play in the sand. Can't blame the guy!

A true beach boy

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Adventures of Potty-Training, and How I Lived to Tell About It

Will had been showing signs of being ready to potty-train for the last few months, but let's just say I was not least with the stage Graham was at the time.

We finally took the plunge and declared a potty-training
bootcamp the weekend of February 20th. We really only had a few accidents the first couple days, and he has done outstanding ever since. It didn't take Will long to be fully potty, potty-trained...I say it that way because he's got the potty part down 100%, but we're still working on the other ;-) All in good time, I say.

I'm sure he'll absolutely love this post when he gets older (I know, so embarrassing, right?!), but it's a milestone, so I have to post it! M&M's were our reward of choice...those candy-covered chocolates worked wonders in the progress department :)

Just a few photos to document this big life event...way to go, buddy!

Will standing next to his sticker chart on Day #1

The potty

We filled this box with wrapped gifts that we referred to as "poopy presents." Every time he went poopy in the potty he could open a present. Let's just say there's a lot left in that box.

And here he is painting one of his poopy presents :)