Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yeah, that's right-two blogs in the same day

January and February are typically my least favorite months (which sounds terrible, because my birthday, as well as both of my brothers birthdays fall in those two months!), but I am SO affected by cold weather, and it's usually so bitter cold this time of year!

I must say though, we have had the most amazing winter, that it's been more than manageable! Last Monday was incredible. I kid you not, it was 71 degrees and sunny. We went to the park and soaked up every bit of it!

First time in the swing

Fast forward to Saturday (as in 5 days later) where we had 9.5" of snow. Honestly though, it was one of the most beautiful snowfalls I can remember. We got all bundled up and spent a good majority of the morning enjoying it. We later drove around town, and it was like a winter wonderland...absolutely gorgeous.

We attended a birthday party for a friend of Will & Graham's at Omaha's botanical garden. It was so much fun, and ultra refreshing to among all the plant life this time of year! It's so beautiful. They enjoyed watching the koi fish swimming in the pond.

I know every parent says this, but I can't believe how quickly our kids are growing up. I just enrolled Will for preschool starting this Fall. He'll be going Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. Since he was a baby, I've been involved in Community Bible Study (CBS), and he absolutely loves it. Graham and Macy have gone since they were newborns as well. It's so good for me, and great for them, too. They have a wonderful children's curriculum, and it allows them the opportunity to be in a social setting with kids their own age. I wanted Graham and Macy to be able to continue going, and myself as well. I realize the whole run-around thing begins sooner or later, but I must say, the thought of getting three young kids and myself dressed 4 mornings a week is a little daunting to me at this point. I'm sure it's just another stage I'll learn to adjust to, but I'm glad I have a few more months before the craziness begins.

I'm so grateful that the boys are such good friends. Of course they have their brother moments of fighting and whatnot, for the most part they get along so well. And Macy has truly brought such a sweetness to the sibling relationship. She is so much fun, and such a happy, content little girl...what a huge blessing and answer to prayer! I feel so lucky and blessed to have the privilege of spending my days with my children.

Macy's first taste of solid food. Do you think it was a hit?!

Will & Macy...such a sweet brother.

I don't have too many bath photos, but I figured I'd post one before they're too old for it :)

Did You Miss Us? 'Cause We Missed YOU :)

In typical fashion, I've allowed too much time pass since my last post, so I'm feeling waaaaaay behind. I'm not going to attempt to recount every moment since the last blog, but I will most likely bombard you with pictures, so I'll let the images do the talking. My apologies for the overload!

Here goes nothin'...

We made our first trip to Destin as a family of 5 in early December for my brother's wedding. The ceremony was on December 10th in a beautiful outdoor location. Given the fact it was only a 3-month engagement, it was pretty special that so much of our family was able to make the trip (especially considering everyone had to fly)! Almost all of my mom's side of the family made it, my dad's family was represented, Cassie's family, and even Dave's parents made the trip. Since it was so close to Christmas, we were able to make the most of our time there, and had a celebration with our family for the holidays as well. My parents rented a beach house, and a lot of the family slept there, and we all hung out at the house together during the days. The ceremony was beautiful, and the officiants were my Uncle Ken and his son, Wayne...they did a great job!

my little brother is getting hitched!

My parents with the groom :)

Dave and the "good news boys" with my brothers

Will & Graham walking down the aisle

Nana & Pop congratulating the happy couple

isn't the setting amazing?! that tree is over 200 years old!

Scott & Cassandra

ceremony...check. now time to party :)

Dave's parents chattin' it up with Nana & Pop

Papaw & Graham

Nana and me at the beach house

the view...doesn't get any better than that.

Mom and Macy

Cassie and Macy

Upon returning home to Omaha, we celebrated Christmas with Dave's family. It was full of R&R, as we bunked at their house for the weekend. Dave's sister, Kristin, and her husband, Dan are due at the end of this month with their first baby...pretty cool to think that they'll have a 9-month old next Christmas :)

A friend of ours invited our kiddos to a birthday party for Jesus...it was so cute!

Macy's "very merry" tutu dress from Gigi

Macy's first Christmas

Dave reading the Christmas story

having fun with Daddy at Grammy & Grandpa's

such good friends...what a blessing!

Grammy & Macy

Grandpa & Macy

love that profile