Thursday, May 13, 2010

The, "I'm Not Very Creative With Titles" Post

I'm not one who typically posts stats from doctor's visits, but since I haven't so much as posted stats a single time since Graham's birth, I thought it might be nice to provide some updates. He is long & lean just like I guess both of them are just like their dad ;-) At Graham's 6-month check-up yesterday, he weighed in at 15.5 lbs, and 28" long; which put him in the 12 percentile for weight, and the 91 percentile for height.

He has turned out to be a very smiley, happy baby, so he's making up for all the crying and screaming he did for the first few months ;) And although he's happy, he still has yet to sleep through the night, so we're working on that. We were much firmer with Will at an early age and let him cry himself to sleep at a younger age, but didn't feel right allowing Graham to do so since he had such a hard time with acid reflux. Thankfully, he's improved a lot in that area within the last few weeks, so once he gets over his 100th cold of the season (okay, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration), I'm feeling ok with letting him cry.

It's still amazing to me how quickly babies change - I swear sometimes the transformation happens overnight! Graham had beach-blond hair up until about a week ago, and now it's getting darker...closer to Will's hair color. You'll see in some of the pictures how Graham's hair was kinda fuzzy and spiky, and that's now changed, too! I'm so glad I took some photos to document that stage!

Graham & Will constantly make each other laugh, and they feed off one other which makes me laugh! I love my two boys, and feel so blessed that the Lord chose us as their parents. We continue to pray for wisdom as we parent...this stuff isn't as black & white as I so naively used to think!

My Community Bible Study is out for the summer, so we're planning a lot of fun activities during the day to keep us busy. One of our favorite things is loading up in the jogging stroller and enjoying the outdoors. We're taking the boys downtown tomorrow morning to the farmer's market, grilling out with some friends for lunch, then Dave and I are going on a date - woo hoo!

I love taking Will and Graham to the gym during the week, and we're excited for the outdoor pool to open up after Memorial Day. I, of course, will take them swimming from time to time, but a few of my girlfriends have memberships to the same gym, so you'd better believe we'll take advantage of the childcare so we can relax by the pool together, too ;-) Today I was there, and rather than workout, I decided to grab a cup of joe in the cafe and just have some R&R to myself - it was stupendous!