Friday, June 24, 2011

Just Me & My Boys

Call me sentimental, but it's really starting to hit me how little time I have left to soak up with just me and my boys. I've LOVED being a mom of two boys. And as much as I know I'll love having a little girl as well, it's just so strange to think she'll be joining our family in as little as a few short days.

Grammy, and our dear family friend, Barb tagged along with Will and Graham and I to the zoo today. We had a lot of fun, and the highlight for me was simply enjoying the day with my two little men :) Being that I only have about a week until my due date, I appreciated having 2 extra sets of hands to help!

I'm on the home stretch with this pregnancy...glad that's the case (well, physically, anyway). I'm not looking forward to kissing my uninterrupted nights of sleep good-bye, but it's only for a season...right?! My belly is feeling large and in charge, and here's a couple pics to show for it.

Although I'm still somewhat nervous about adding another little one to our family at the moment, I am feeling a little less overwhelmed knowing that we'll have help for the first month or so. We have a family friend helping us out during her summer break. Kiran is so great with the boys, and they love having her thankful it worked out for her to spend her summer with us! Here's a photo of Kiran and Will making a sign for his baby sister to take to the hospital :) She was perfect for the task, as she's very creative!